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Al-Jamiatul Islamia Wa Darul Yatama was first established in 1975 CE (1395 Hijri). The Jamia introduces the Islamic Education and Reformation movement in this region. The Firoj Shah Madrasah became “arguably” the most reputable Quomi Madrasah in the country.

Importance of the Jamia and its March forward Hazrat Mohammad (SM) said, "acquiring Islamic knowledge of the religion of Islam is incumbent for all Muslims, according to this Hadith acquiring knowledge is necessary for Islamic society to go on the principals of Islam."

This is a matter of great that there was no arrangement in this locality for the boys and girls to receive Islamic Education, so, in the light of the above mentioned Hadith depending on the mercy of Almighty Allah a Madrasah named Forkania Madrasah was primarily set up in 1975 for imparting primary education to Muslim boys and girls. As a result, people of the surrounding localities got an opportunity for the education of their children to receive the knowledge of Quran and Hadith.

The people were satisfied with the operation of the Madrasah and they showed interest in developing the Madrasah to a higher Islamic religious institutions. So in 1979, the name of this institution was changed to “AL JAMIATUL ISLAMIA” and arrangement was made for higher education, Later on for extending free education to the orphan students, the activity of the name of the Madrasah was again changed to AL JAMIATUL ISLAMIA WA DARUL YATAMA.